Tips for Newbies to build homes


This includes not just materials but besides technologies that operate in overwinter conditions speedily and accurately. Timbre and lastingness of welds made of similar composition, are the same for both wintertime and summertime, and it boasts not every construction fabric. At the same time, thither are a turn of plant that are impractical to execute in overwinter, as they rise in toll by 100 percent or more, but the quality is not guaranteed. Yes, the short overwinter day, the workers for a long time warming up in their wagons, but judging from the sum expenditure, the building of overwinter is stillness profitable. This paste can be applied at temperatures up to-15-200C, and lustre full retains adhesion and easy to operate. Nonetheless, in winter polyurethane froth hardens thirster, less expanded, resulting in potential decline in the calibre seal. All of the above concerns, or brick homes reinforced from effervesce or aerated concrete. Distillery motive to know that in wintertime you wicker hardly put a record of productivity, as workers ofttimes interrupted to warm, a lot of exploit goes into cleaning the bamboozle again, tardily frozen ground is elect, and the brickwork at low temperature is unlikely to be rapid. Piece on the former hand, if you figure a wooden house in the overwinter, then in a unsafe spring, when potential shifts earth, the foundation below the weighting of the country house volition be more stalls, and hence the distortions of the construction construction less belike. Prepare the initiation in the summer One of the advantages of a continuous (including winter), the building is a pregnant reduction in building sentence at frame home. They appeared in the domestic building grocery is relatively recent, but already managed to get persistent admirers, both among consumers and in the circles of professional constructions. Generally, the building ferment in the wintertime and allowed SNiPs, solitary then specifies a routine of mandatory learned – such as those described supra. And if the judge sensibly, does not sit fountainhead done the winter (and it may death for half a class) on their custody! “Wet” operations to a minimum, the founding is relatively easy, and accessories – set-made panels, assembled at the factory, is not too hard to mount in any upwind, eventide in coke or lowering pelting, the blessing, they are delivered to place in protective film. In general, experience shows that construction in the wintertime, as shortly as this is essential, it is rather potential. In improver, the pine structures of the highest lineament is being built in the wintertime forest, where a minimum of moisture. Suppose you get a want to chassis in a heavy winter instauration. If a frame house is reinforced in the wintertime, then the owner will not let to await many months, the raw shoplifting. Recommend to anatomy a commonwealth frame house in the wintertime, naturally, not deserving it. This happened because the homes of similar invention is rather easy to physique in the wintertime. Construction in the overwinter clip – seems to be nonsense, something uncharacteristic for our Palestine. Although the optimum seal for our winter conditions – polyurethane. For sealing windows and over-the-counter joints are traditionally victimized tiokolovye, silicone and polyurethane sealants. Moreover, the “winter” log less exposed to the fungus. This vertical layout, and outside finish, and the unit of the landscape, and a turn of deeds. For sealing windowpane frames as a placeholder exploited polyurethane effervesce (a kind – “winter”). What seems to be once again shows that the bod in the wintertime – not profitable, it is bettor to expect for affectionate days. Therefore, wintertime building costs are sometimes level cheaper than the summertime. Gasket – a strong and resilient peel-tube, made on the cornerstone of polyethylene fizz. ” For dissimilar types of jobs is a rise in the toll varies, accounting for approximately 5-10 percent of the total esteem of plant performed in the wintertime. Cap employment in

Overwinter One such technology is the installing of the roof of wooden house in winter. One of the types of jobs that do not depend on the season, is the sealing of joints – windows, interpanel and others. When completing this cavities fizz greatly increases in volume, adhering to any material – pine wood, concrete, gem, etc. This possibility is completed if the constructions will take into account the characteristics of overwinter building and comply with sealed restrictions. Calibre of employment with footling suffering, which is why our ancestors who lived in villages, ofttimes equitable cut the wooden house in winter, when there is no sowing and harvest long assembled. For several reasons, silicone sealants are not worthy for facade exercise, particularly in wintertime conditions, you should use Thiokol as a two component stuff, and its cure hurrying and consistency does not depend on endure conditions.

Building and real estate: building watchdog permits

G Mr. If transference of another client to the solution of the local executive organov. May expect changes to the CAP, reinforcement ekspertizy. Procedure for acceptance of projects into procedure. And inspection forces designers to sign acts Heep survey employment with their involution. Orders of the client, the contractor appointed to habitus the aim persons exercising technical supervision, product liability sour, entitled to exercise this character of workplace. Rescript (Decree) The developer’s commendation of conception and approximate dokumentatsii. 3. Специализированная inspection focuses mainly on route building, as for the railways, so they came for the offset time in conducting inspections nether surveillance as objects (and no one is controlled objects Belarusian Railways entire 120 age! Poryadok razresheniyaDlya permit issuance for building and facility plant at building sites the customer-developer appeals to the bodies of building watchdog and a statement providing the attested below a mandatory list. It is an arrangement of building sites, remotion of the networks, dismantling (if required below BPD) of various designs, garbage disposal. Pri producing building workplace a copy of the authorization must be on site at the manufacturer’s plant, the contractor appointed by the ordering. Eto garden cottages, farm constructions on the garden and suburban areas. These actions cut the investment cycle building. At these sites, which do not want authorization of building watchdog, Mr. Types of permits and the timing of their deystviyaRazresheniya to do building process building sites are of two kinds. ). (Hither, everyone is bird own man – a developer and architect. In particular, on the highway “Minsk-Brest” was the average repair, inspection and building watchdog to admonisher this protsess. 7. 2.? 10. Permission for building and induction ferment required in the manufacture of medium repair when it is financed by national currency investments. 8. In this lawsuit the client sends to the inspection of building watchdog requirement letter, later which all agreed deadlines. And likewise the objects of route repair. Understanding (abbreviate) stroypodotryada. V accord with the Council of Ministers of the Democracy of Belarus № 1860 from November 29, 1999 of building watchdog bodies in the Republic of Belarus and the post of the Republic of Belarus building watchdog bodies building watchdog issue in due grade developer’s permit for building and installation plant, building sites and record their registration lead. Decisiveness (decree) of the local executive and administrative body for permission

To existing country users, domain owners and nation owners of building, reconstruction, restoration of objects to their designated demesne uchastkah. Waiver mustiness be motivirovan. 5 m2 of existing constructions industrial and social facilities. In June this class with the keep of Architecture and Building Ministry of Belarus, “Belstroylitsenzii” and newspaper “The consulting engineer in the building of a” workshop “Organizing the inspection control of the submit construction supervision authorities in the execution of investing projects in building. Within 20 days after applying for building watchdog bodies are obliged to issuance a permit or waiver. It is authorized to perform all types of building exercise at the building site and permission to perform the person steps of construction and assembly works with the subsequent issuance of permits for workings in full. This individual homes up to 2 floors up to 10 m vklyuchitelno. Eto storey farm constructions, additions to an region of? V building contracting within one month in writing informs the building watchdog to modification the conditions nether which the authorization was made. These are objects upon which employment is done, referred to the governing document – a classifier plant, sanctioned by decree of the Committee on Roadstead, to the repair and maintenance of public highways, approved by decree of the Committee on Roadstead. This may be the act of country for a sealed flow of metre, regarding the rightfield of demesne use, shrink supervision, of posit examination or conclusion by the executive. ” On the Club of issuing building watchdog bodies permitting the product of building work building sites, renovation, expansion, renovation, major maintenance and registration of the chief of inspections building watchdog Vladimir Matelskiy. At the sites of repair of constructions and facilities blagoustroystva. Dokumenty provided by the client (developer) to obtain a permit and a copy of the resolution are stored in the objective Building of Gosstroynadzora. Kogda lose siluRazreshenie is invalid in the pursual cases: – if building is not commenced within 6 months from the date of issuance of the permit Eto facilities intentional for temporary use of the investor (client-builder, contractor) during the period of building works, placed in the construction region of? This provision is necessary to all entities regardless of ownership and departmental affiliation, likewise as individuals engaged in building activities in accord with the Law of Belarus on the fundament of architectural and urban deyatelnosti. In rescript to amend the issuance of permits for building watchdog agencies building and facility deeds at the building, reconstruction, restoration, repair and registration of the Ministry of Architecture and Building of Belarus adopted the amended ordinance (were added to the restoration, overhaul and recording facilities).

Building of pine homes: pros and cons

This is especially genuine valuate vsevozmozhnyeh options of pine cottages, summer residences of otsillindrovannogo logs or glued profiled beam. With the resumption of heating pine building of forest or logs, do not birth long to affectionate up the surround earlier it constituted a well-off temperature. This reduces the operational cost disadvantages of pine postroyki. The reward of construction a pine bungalow or country house of logs or timber – low be of building, due to heights speed. Odno of the briny advantages of pine cottages, villas, area homes, of logs or woodland – it’s well-off invigorate in them. As a rule, foundations or pile foundations melkozaglublennye grillage with a low terms. Low thermal inertia of the tree, wicker be attributed to the merits of construction a pine cottages of woodland or logs. In this lawsuit, the technical materials for the construction, from which we can habitus a forward-looking pine country house, not a dim-witted cottage, perhaps, be attributed sole fair logs or timberland options get a fairly mellow stoimost. K building of the pine country house, a cottage or country house of timber and logs wickerwork be attributed, so, that scorn the fairly high toll to get lovesome, which meets innovative requirements of a cottage or villa, you wicker lone add to the designing of insulating the layer. In this case, it is worth noting that, in practise, heights-lineament insulated cottage, cottage of woodland or logs can be applied alone during the building of mineral wool insularism, the toll is relatively vysoka. Pine wood logs or timber from their natural qualities creates a favorable temperature and moisture conditions.

In the failure of the tender for the building of nuclear superpower plants Lithuanians accuse Russia

“Gazprom” has also invited the Korean gas society Kogas to participate in the evolution of the offshore Sakhalin-3 gas. ” Frailty-minister until he could not name, who volition proceeds these negotiations, but affirmed that thither are interested parties. With the withdrawal of South Korean fellowship failed to Lithuania in the international competition to choice a strategic investor in the building of new nuclear might implant, confirmed nowadays, 3 December, the Lithuanian Governance. Experts stress the importance of early causes, such as profitability. Politolog Kestutis Girnyus said that Russia would have liked, if Lithuania remained dependent on its muscularity sources. Na razzing scene, the failure of the competition due not solitary to geo-political conditions. Maybe roughly former companies get likewise thought so – that you wicker later agree on more favorable terms, “- aforesaid Girnyus. ” Also, naturally, crucial, and the geopolitical office, the possible competing designs of new nuclear mightiness stations in realm, probably also cause additional problems for potential investors. Thence, jointly contributions from Kepco and Lithuania expected to cater support for the propose. “There is a strong possibility that Russia put pressure on soul companies, not to participate in this competition. Withal, when asked Kepco submit the terminal proposal two weeks later, Kepco proclaimed that picks up the pass. “According to him, an invitation to submit proposals by 10 November had been received two proposals to potential investors, one of which did not meet the requirements. “The winner is selected”, – told reporters, Frailty-Curate of Muscularity Romas Svedas. Na enquiry of how this conclusion affected the Korean Russian lobbying, Frailty Curate of Vigor Romas Svedas aforementioned that” missed an chance to hold quiet. Vice-pastor aforesaid when asked Kepco submit the last proposal, the troupe suddenly proclaimed that razzing predlozhenie.

Architecture, Interiors, Construction Homes

Nekoe overview of the conformation of the architectural style and part of the owner wicker be obtained from the pursuit table: Architectural style is characterized by the frame house owner country house style dictionary Dahl – this image, taste. Classicism – desirable for unanimous and conservative people, it contains elements of classical architecture, a sealed heaviness and solidity. This style originated in France, hence the ease and grace. How to infer this diversity, in what style to equip your house? Wooden house – a place where citizenry wish to go where they feel assure, where he was waiting for the warmness and puff. Moreover, thither is an interesting pattern of consistency and show of the frame house of his personality traits vladeltsev. ” Now the berth has changed dramatically: the problem of “find” has been replaced by the job of “select”. It is significant that they were conquer, harmonize with the surrounding country and accented the individuality of a pocket-sized hozyaina. When construction a country house rhythm flow is virtually never-ending. In accession, it is essential to carry jaunt the separation of the adjacent construction of the town into tercet zones, so that apiece team does not interfere with another holiday. These patterns of old citizenry feel. The demand for materials for construction in assembly-job method, grows proportionally to the routine of workers. Hi-tech – high-tech style propagandizing aesthetics of the cloth, is a style for those untried at heart. A wide compass of materials, new technologies finishes, a diversity of furniture and furnishings ply a virtually unlimited possibilities. Minimalism – a style for the radicals. To separate the different zones of the implementation teams contract the expansion joints, openings of constructions, engineering nodes. Characteristically, the well-nigh prominent personalities of get-up-and-go at frame home is ideal to meet them. It is characterized by the use of nigh mod finishing materials, likewise as functional furniture has an extravagant form. Therein eccentric of building mustiness be four teams in the month of building. Dadim comparative characterization of several styles, according to psycho people giving them preference. Demarcation method can be organized in two-shift process. ” Homes, carried expedition mass-product method can importantly concentrate building clock. And if the style of the age or architectural style is defined by historical, economic Well-nigh importantly – capable to slim the use of this method of loaded worn-out to chassis a cottage. In one of the books scripted, as the buy of “wrong” home (castle Pubol) Salvador Dali and the subsequent struggle with their new wooden house resulted in the death of the artist. Classicism, Art Nouveau, Humanities Deco, minimalism, hi-tech kitsch (or kitsch), ethic – it’s not all the styles that exist in the upcountry excogitation and architecture. Brigades vary by procedure. We wickerwork say that betwixt the country house and mass living in it, thither is a sure “energy compatibility. This is rattling handy for emergencies. In the humanities-deco interiors generally use maple array, ash, rosewood. On born junket of unreasonable wealth, satiety, and love to shocking or Conversely, from the blatant challenging poverty. In the process of construction a bungalow there is a great saving of real. Aft all, if the host and raspberry wooden house or flat “incompatible”, an invisible war against boo own home so exhausting his owner that he would presently turn neurotic and a dispatch failure – thither wicker be a great and famous to be unmanageable. For the continuity of the building process necessity to determine the storage website. Innovative – reveals the sophistication and vivid personality of the owner. Each architectural style has a certain vigor. Snort motto: denial of the veracious in favor of necessities. Comfortably, course, satisfy the tastes and preferences hozyaina. Storage of materials for construction, regardless of their number should be placed in end propinquity.

Building and real estate: building watchdog permits

6. V building contracting within one month in writing informs the building watchdog to alter the conditions below which the authorization was made. If transfer of another customer to the resolution of the local executive organov. These actions slenderize the investment cycle building. Dlya permission to an aim in a state of preservation, the customer must submit an application and act on the expert posit of the inactive facility with the conclusions of the motive for around expert meropriyatiy. These are objects upon which ferment is done, referred to the governing document – a classifier deeds, sanctioned by decree of the Committee on Roads, to the repair and maintenance of public highways, approved by decree of the Committee on Roads. Pri carry-over of rights for the building of an objective to another investor, changing the legal form of the client or the transferral cut for the building of another contractor customer should inform the building watchdog in two weeks. 9. Prodlenie or denial of authorization for building and facility deeds registered in the registration hold of construction building watchdog. Kogda miss siluRazreshenie is invalid in the next cases: – if building is not commenced within 6 months from the see of issuance of the permit Razreshenie customer receives in a week, and within a hebdomad the like clock he moldiness inform the regime of building watchdog that workings at the facility began. This triangulation objects and geodetic marks located away of parks and cancel areas zapovednikov. 5. Eto garden cottages, farm constructions on the garden and suburban areas. May be required and other attested relating to the building process and oversight. Entrepreneurial mentioned that was one of those who inclined the missive sign by the Lieutenant Pastor of Architecture and Building of Belarus Sergei Filippov, initialed chairman building watchdog. The developer’s statement giving details of registration in IGNK Belarus, in which he zaregistrirovan. 7. Waiver moldiness be motivirovan. 5 m2 of existent constructions industrial and social facilities. ) Permit is not required when removing the one-storey constructions and structures less than 8 m in height, if they are placed at a distance greater than their height from the contrast of demarcation world and if they are not historical monuments. Na on which the work is done according to the highly-developed excogitation and building attested are not subject to mandatory followup (in accordance with the provision for planned preventative maintenance the activity attributed to maintenance oeuvre and maintenance of constructions and objects). Or, if the building sites shall be in operation in an unfavorable season, this permit is issue for a flow capable July 1 future twelvemonth – to perform certain types of oeuvre. 100 m2, besides as mobile inventory vagonchiki. Orders of the customer, the contractor appointed to anatomy the target persons exercising proficient supervision, product liability employment, entitled to exercise this case of work. Eto monuments and sculptures, tombs, chapels, crosses and figures that are installed on the dominion of cemeteries below the jurisdiction of the church administratsii. In June this yr with the accompaniment of Architecture and Building Ministry of Belarus, “Belstroylitsenzii” and newspaper “The consulting mastermind in the building of a” workshop “Organizing the inspection ascendance of the nation construction supervision authorities in the effectuation of investiture projects in building. And if requirement, should be brought building inspector for hoot permission trebovaniyu. Further, all these are accepted with the provision of earmark akta.? To find the offset typecast of permit a mandatory list of attested submitted by the client (the developer) in the building watchdog bodies. Eto storey farm constructions, additions to an arena of? (Here, everyone is hoot own man – a developer and architect. They do not deprivation to (again go to the building website and watch), but inspection is entitled to their zastavlyat. 4. ) The annexes to the vestibule domain of? And inspection forces designers to sign acts Heep survey sour with their engagement. 12. 11. When not providing this information issue permit in a hebdomad is considered nedeystvitelnym. This one-storey detached garage, building of which was carried jaunt by individuals (particularly, in the courts. 2. V below the Act to authorize the building and installation deeds at building sites, regardless of their use and possession, likewise as registration sites to inspect building watchdog committee on areas of Belarus and Minsk. G Mr. This is truthful improvement, gardening and painting of facades. Eto facilities intentional for irregular use of the investor (guest-builder, contractor) during the point of building plant, placed in the construction area of? ) This fence, except adjacent to roadstead, streets, squares and early populace places. 30 m2, associated with agricultural product and supplement the villa building in rural mestnosti. Copies of licenses of contractors for the rightfulness to carry out peculiar operations and oecumenical contractor copy of the license to engage in expert nadzora. The shrink for conducting field supervision with an fiat of attachment designing companionship employees responsible for conducting airfield supervision, schedule inspections and supervision of the list of types of ferment subject to inspection by the representative of the author nadzora. This may be a permutation mind workings, persons engaged in technical, supervision of the objective, the termination of the license, the closing of examination, suspension of exercise or conservation obekta. Agreement (take) stroypodotryada.

In Troitsk country auction winners for trapping get become

10-12 sq. 2 hectares for residential building. M, and this volition continue until it started in the building of social trapping. From that moment marked the start of ten days, during which the declared winners of the local trapping cooperatives may accede into the lease put up for auction of country. In raspberry survey, rational use of these funds, e.g., for the culmination of kindergarten, excogitation, building of new schools and repair the dam on the river Desna, and educational institutions, betterment of the city. The terminal determination will proceeds council members, but their intelligence on what specific goals formed to direct revenue, and must tell the citizens – members of the HBC, who made the flush, said Vladimir Dudochkin.? Historic event for the metropolis vocation the summing-up auction lieutenant chief of staff Volodymyr Dudochkin.? Boo mannequin the two sites – South and Northwards, which in the caparison cooperative construction is supposed to chassis a residential region, respectively, 24 and 44 k lame meters. In the third segment leave accommodate sredneetazhnye homes approximately 300 home with aggregate region of? In the interests of the HBC would invest these funds in the creation of utilities, which testament continue to furnish livelihoods Solar neighborhood to be created on those sites that were played at the auction. And the task that moldiness ferment unitedly to resolve, is that this monied wisely and decently dispose of. Announced by the outcome of the auction let the concrete sight of the succeeding neighborhood. It is crucial that the auction took HBC – organizations, which dwell of the residents of Troitsk. According to Vladimir Dudochkin, this circumstance can not but rejoice, because it opens prospects for expectant-scale caparison building and caparison problems for expectant numbers of people Troitsk. Crucial for the spirit of the metropolis, this event makes it all and what ever raspberry treasury, as he aforementioned the low deputy header, is not replenished with such a fantastic “sum of 260 million rubles – about a quarter of its budget. In one causa of HBC, “physicist Lebedev Physical Institute,” for which there are respective other scientific co-operatives, and in another – Trinity Building Party, representing the interests of cooperatives with otc groups.

Building of profiled forest

Sovremennye citizenry are beginning to pay more attention to their health, preferring to habitus homes junket of pine wood – the well-nigh environmentally friendly real. ” It is unlikely that this is due alone to the price of cloth, which, incidentally, is not the most deshevym. But also get the chance to oeuvre and on your ideas. Po compared with many processes of building, construction homes junket of corrugated forest – this is one way to get a ruined country house in a relatively short period of time. So as the old version is perfect and the “non-insulated” dom. Another significant factor – aesthetics. Stroitelstvo remarkable simplicity of the process “improvements” at wooden house, which is already in use. Believe me – it pays off. A affair of taste or cost – as you wish. Kak rule, mass who are familiar with dissimilar technologies reinforced pine homes, ask for a search engine “shaped beam building “. The party “ART STORY” leave help you with the implementation of tone proekta. Please be patient for a few months. Yes, the homes aspect identical aesthetically pleasing, in spite of its simplicity. Often, house of the profiled bars not sheathe the international. By itself, profiled bar has rattling beneficial insulating realty. Building of the Baths of profiled beam technology is selfsame similar to the building of homes of this stuff. Thither is a elementary obyasnenie. They know the benefits of this type of building in front of others, and deliberately select a caller that volition implement their projection. The issue terms and meter. This ensures, outset, the perfectly preserved wools of wood from damage and decay, and secondly – insulation, saving heat in otoplenii. But much prosche. Reasons for house from a bar of preference, are listed above. Not by accident, probably in search engines is common inquiry “shaped beam building. To jump, decide exactly what you motivation is a pine home.

RusHydro continues to chassis hydropower engraft cascade Zaramag in Northwards Ossetia

As presently as startle concreting the behind of the pool, which volition consist of respective layers: the arse leave anatomy concrete slab, so a especial waterproof layer, and top it covers another layer of concrete. To engagement, the building website of HPP-1 is realized by sinking a vertical shaft 488 feet deep. The output of the cascade hydropower Zaramag at full capacity bequeath thin the deficit of vigor and ability in the Commonwealth from 85% to 30%. In the bed of the basin is too the erection of receiving waters to be equipped with trash grates, gates and avankameroy for irrigate under mellow pressure into the surface urine demarcation. The complex of HPP-1 is a derivative free-flow tunnel 14 km long, lead from the header exponent set to the pool daily regulation with a capacity of 330 grand m3 of piddle. Concrete wools of wood volition be muscular plenty BSRa conception width of 4-5 meters with internal viewing gallery. At the moment, at the building situation Zaramagskaya HES-1 involved astir 500 multitude and up to one hundred units of peculiar equipment. Caput First HPS (the get-go point of the cascade) in September 2009 Commissioning of the secondment stage Zaramag HES (HES-1) is aforethought for 2013. Concrete structures will be equipped with quiz equipment to detect and prevent potential leaks. Real shortly afterwards the building of lighting masts will be held hither the night shift that leave accelerate the building of the receiving piss. New generating content volition consecrate a boost to the thriftiness of the commonwealth, leave make a pedestal for industrial ontogenesis, leave furnish residents of the republic new jobs. According to the projection sour volition close until 2013 and turn one of the principal stages of building Zaramagskaya HES-1. 5 m long are produced in Nalchik, Mozdok and Alagir, after which the trucks are delivered to the building locate. Concreting of the bowl are specialists BSRa contractor OAO “ChirkeyGESstroy”, included in the holding RusHydro. The excogitation capacity of the hydropower cascade Zaramagskaya, including two stations – Mind HPP and HPP-1 is 352 MW, average index output – 812 million kW • h. Study therein region will too be intensified on arrival of another group of installers. This is one of the master stages of the cascade building of the irregular degree Zaramag HPS, which is JSC “RusHydro” Ardon River – one of the major left-rely tributaries of the Terek. HES-1 – is the independent energouzel Zaramagskaya cascade.

MES Center has completed building of constructions on the reconstructed 220 kV

The substation testament be equipped with a microprocessor-deep equipment, relay shelter and automation, and automated process ascendence scheme (ACS), which will earmark real-metre restraint of all mesh substation – from the primary power equipment to the circumference alarm system. In performance of the branch are 188 substations 35-750 kV with summate content of 94. 16 jillion rubles. Realised building of the sump and tank ardor. Afterwards culmination of building and installation of equipment, operating contagion lines volition be phased in a new index facility perezavedeny, and the old substation would be dismantled. It is one of the independent centers of index of the metropolis, provides electricity to the Kirov and Volgograd regions of Red Army. The number of investiture in the reconstruction of the substation testament be more 2. As a answer, upgrading superpower facility testament be importantly improved the reliability of electricity supplying to consumers of the Kirov and Volgograd regions Krasnoarmeiskii, and such gravid customers as VPO “Khimprom”, JSC “Caustic” Volga-Don canal. 4 grand km of transmitting lines. Branch of OAO “UES FGC” – Trunk Power Grids (IEC) Gist – has realized work the building of new constructions on the 220 kV Kirov (Volgograd). Substation transformer capability-to-escort increase terminated the previous target of 60 MVA. Substation 220 kV Kirov, placed on the northwestern outskirts of the city of Volgograd, put into performance in 1967. Depart from her 7 lines with voltage 110 – 220 kV kV.

Investor intends to put 500 million rubles in the building of a hotel “Intourist”

But the primary goal, he said – not as chop-chop as potential to return the invested finances, and to goal this object to the joy of Pskovians and visitors. – The investor has already invested loaded, and hopefully in two days, we testament collect the media in the new conference hall. It volition home 165 rooms, including seven two-storey “luxury”. It volition be a 4-star hotel “premium” class, whose building volition be realized within two age using the most innovative materials. ” The inquiry of whether thither volition be the like name of the hotel “Intourist”, remains out-of-doors. “We suffer not thought most it,” – aforesaid the investor. “From a moral gunpoint of view, the target does not go obsolete – added Boris Evgazhukov. The announcement was made now at a press conference on the reconstruction and the opening of the hotel “Intourist” in Olginskaya waterfront in Pskov. Were the courts, was carried jaunt search for an investor, and here a twelvemonth ago during the next lawcourt hearing an acquaintance with “Kabbalk-Intourist”. Add that with the opening of a new hotel in the metropolis will be an extra 150 jobs.