Архивы за месяц: September 2011

Construction the dispersion item (DP) of 110 kV at Vologda CHPP discussed

Scheduled for Marchland, setting the instauration for construction OPAs, likewise as closing the contour of the fence on the margin throughout raspredpunkta. Representatives of the contractor besides spoke about plans to habitus a RP in the near next. According to them the end of February at the building situation testament be ruined laying conduit trays. We touched upon the problematic issues related to approvals of works, also as the lease of country on which, in accordance with the undertaking mustiness be installed overhead supports. In increase, participants discussed the proficient aspects of starting and implant outages VL 35-110 kW for the catamenia of reconstruction. The branch of JSC “MRSC of North-West” “Vologdaenergo” held a working meeting on the propose to physique a 110 kV distribution spot in the district of the Vologda CHPP, which is function of the accession process combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) works of 110 MW to the powerfulness grid “Vologdaenergo. The briny building workings leave be finished in tardy May 2011. A numeral of plant carried junket ahead of the timetable – N.

MES Essence has accomplished building of constructions on the reconstructed 220 kV

6 million people. Power facility is 500 MVA. It is one of the master centers of superpower of the city, provides electricity to the Kirov and Volgograd regions of Red Army. Currently, the place of complex reconstruction of the principal substation construction constructed – Obschepodstantsionny ascendancy room, pump flack, the camera switching valves, a checkpoint. The quantity of investiture in the reconstruction of the substation will be more 2. Substation 220 kV Kirov, set on the northwestern outskirts of the city of Volgograd, put into operation in 1967. Updated Kirov substation testament be equipped with modernistic equipment, highly reliable, does not demand constant maintenance. Astern closing of building and installation of equipment, operating transmittal lines volition be phased in a new might facility perezavedeny, and the old substation would be dismantled. In ordering to perform the exercise in the given timeframe, without compromising the reliability of electricity ply in Volgograd, it was distinct to chassis a new superpower facility on the site, situated future to the existing substation. Substation transformer capability-to-date increase over the previous target of 60 MVA. Dispatch reconstruction of 220 kV Kirov began in former 2009. Depart from her 7 lines with voltage 110 – 220 kV kV. 4 thou km of transmitting lines. 2 MVA and 29668. ” In the serve arena consists of 19 MES Center of the Russian Confederation with a population of complete 39. Branch of OAO “UES FGC” – Trunk Index Grids (IEC) Center – has completed work the building of new constructions on the 220 kV Kirov (Volgograd). In functioning of the branch are 188 substations 35-750 kV with add capacitance of 94. As a termination, upgrading power facility will be significantly improved the reliability of electricity append to consumers of the Kirov and Volgograd regions Krasnoarmeiskii, and such heavy customers as VPO “Khimprom”, JSC “Caustic” Volga-Don canal.

Building of pine homes

In the Canadian residential house wicker payoff root instantly later the closing of building; Canadian housing technology country house, the cottage makes it possible to remove all the communication inner the pine wood walls, framing technology does not expect any great installation equipment, minimizing labor costs, drywall, victimised in virtually cases Canadian Technology coating wooden houses and the erection of extra barriers, greatly dilute the noise in your domeOsnova Canadian engineering framing residential construction – a pine framing made of forest. The absence of post-building gaps in the rampart-deck junction eliminates the use of traditional pedestal and replace it with a more beautiful and pragmatic casing, modest building menstruation. Prichina pervaya. Domestic same developer technology to the approximation of? The pine domicile homes of logs or timber demand in building engineering annual shrinking ahead coating, additional leveling wools of wood and additional insularity. In nearly northern states, not to acknowledgment the Canadian dominion, the average annual temperature below the coke concealment is the like, but the hint is often stronger, e.g., than in Siberia.? Prichina vtoraya. In fact, all is not the pillowcase. And the reasons for this attitude to the Canadian framing building of homes, cottages and villas neskolko. The ideal angles of joints obtained by the paries, storey and surround-ceiling., where the technology of building of the Canadian country houses is the chief, our endure is softer. U domesticated builder developed a firm conviction – in the U. In a pine country houses residential rise of brick walls, floors, ceilings, obtained during the building of the ideal because of the conception of a home.

The conclusion form of building – to participate the country house in process

Body – GASN ). The process is not less than “fascinating. And the act of entering the wooden house in performance is needful to receive a certificate of province registration of rights belonging to it. ” Course, you wickerwork refer the thing to a mediator – a building companionship, a invention post or accompany providing services of this nature, but dare to assure you – it price you wealthy volition not be diminished. In 2, the method of warming (central, furnace, boiler). If during the building of great building for the commonwealth building supervision, inspection of the facility authority which issued the construction permit, not provoditsya. Ona into force from 1 July 2006 goda. Statya 55. B-3, might provide (machine-accessible to the mains if the home). Therein document, in the 1-x, indicates the bearing of piddle (central, advantageously, comfortably). The norms are rigid in the act of introducing the home in surgery. The diligence for a permit for the facility to operate the pursual authenticated: 1) legal attested for the nation, 2) growing design of domain, and 3) construction permits, and 4) the certificate of acceptance of majuscule building object (in the case of building under the shrink ), 5) a document confirming that the constructed objective of uppercase building requirements of expert regulations and gestural by the soul carrying picnic building, 6) a document confirming that the parameters of the constructed aim of cap building innovation documents, and sign by a somebody engaged in the building (the soul engaged in the building and real estate developer or customer in vitrine of building, reconstruction, major repairs on the footing of the abbreviate); 7) authenticated proving the compliancy of the accomplished projection uppercase building specifications and signed by representatives of organizations engaged in net servicing engineering and technical supporting (if any) diagram showing the location of the constructed great building objective, location, net engineering and technological accompaniment within the boundaries of the state and planning constitution of the country and signed by the individual carrying junket the building of (a mortal engaged in the building and real estate developer or customer in the pillowcase of building below the get) 9) Finally, the Province Construction Authority supervision (if provided by the execution of the province construction supervision) on the complaisance of the constructed objective of capital building requirements of expert regulations and figure certification, the nation environmental ascendance in the cases specified in paragraph 7 of Article 54 of this Kodeksa. For commission the developer goes to the federal executive body, the executive authority of the Russian Confederation or local authority issuing the construction permit, an covering for a permit for the facility to operate. Permission to record the facility in functioning is the base for setting state records for the realized projection uppercase building projects, changes in politics accounting authenticated of the reconstructed objects of cap building. Issuing construction permits, within ten days later receipt of an application for a permit for the facility to operate shall provide verification of the existence and validity of the authenticated referred to in paragraph 3 of this article, visit the cap building aim and spring the applicant permission to accede the facility in process, or refuse to grant such blessing with the reasons for refusal. 6. On entering the wooden house in procedure, “says” Article 55 of the Evolution Code RF. Federal Law of 27. B-4, is there a sewer. This ground does not utilise to private residential facilities stroitelstva.

Building – specially accounting and tax

Payments to plank members. The use of bonus depreciation on a new way. Corporate income tax. The building of the tolling of materials from the contractor. The preliminary concord for building. Bidding in building.. UTII. Accounting for sources of funding for majuscule investments. Workflow for especial clothing. Amortization of Building. Workflow for intangible assets. Estimated price of building.. Obtaining a construction permit. Features of the domain tax during building. Accounting for building contracts – the objects, revenues and expenditures, fiscal results. Providing personal services, building and installment employment, including facility of windows and doors. Depreciation Why everything taxpayers pauperism to adopt a new tax policy until December 31, 2010. Peculiar materials. Responsibility in construction (administrative or criminal). Additional contributions to the funded share of the retirement pension. Contract for majuscule building, polite and sound qualifications. Rental of building machinery and equipment. Swear loan as an disbursement from the contractor. Spending on education and retraining. Utility-supporting industries. Changes in the standard tax deductions. Submit building supervision. Workflow on the away marriage. Workflow Inland wedding. Certification in the building industry. Changes in depreciation for cars and minibuses. Costs contractor, investor, developer particularities of tax policy contractor. UTII and the provision of public services in the battleground of building workings, including installment of windows and doors. Changes in taxation of substantial addition. Simplified tax system for contractors. Subcontractors. The be of the exercise. Changes in the effectuation of the lease, leasing and free use. Temp (denotified) facilities. 10:00 to 18:00) Price: 17500 P Information and registration: (495) 225. World-wide contractor and its subcontractors services. Transitional provisions. Customer on a simplified arrangement of taxation. Workflow for recurrent waste. Share in building – the legal framing. Document Direction for Accounting of frozen assets. Accounting for building materials. Textile costs, attainment of software. Drastic changes in the diligence of nonlinear methods.

Construction a pine-wooden house without nails

Rabochaya ploschadkaRabochie dismantling of the flora timbre framing in place. Nowadays, they use insulated cladding panels with heaviness capable 612 inches with a coefficient of caloric immunity from 3. Kak barely delivered, the distinctive wooden house is existence built as cursorily as potential, usually within a few years. Gotovy domV Unlike traditional pillars and logs, pine wood-framing building Although each piece is cut to precise dimensions, and connecting elements to create a CNC machine, approximately parts easier to pee-pee old-fashioned way – with a hammer and chisel (above). Nowadays, hydraulic crane lifts apiece framing, and mildly guide the building workers in the desired location (above). S. Hotness-insulating cladding panels factory output – roof or house insularism and rampart and windowpane box, it all makes a i product tseloe. When the carcass is restricted with connecting span fixes the konstruktsiyu. Building of pine wood-framing structures victimized for millennia as a major engineering method. Details such as sharp corners and facets, running into a sharp edge (below) to dedicate a bodoni pine-country house typewrite manual raboty. “But the pine wood-framing building technique has inherent potency and beauty, if you find beauty in the joinery and how components are machine-accessible together. If you lack the details of the building take to large ratchet, which is commonly called linkage lebedkoy. The heights pine poles rising from the behind and top are decreased to a ace framing of logs, girders and struts, connected with extreme accuracy. “Thousands of geezerhood ago, citizenry in China have used the tools of endocarp for the manufacture of rails and purlins and hollowed chisel compound spike in the nest,” says John S. Razlichie betwixt today’s technology pine wood-framing building and engineering, which was secondhand 30 days ago, is rock-bottom to computer pattern and computer numerical ascendance, victimised in building tod. In around cases, are far from apiece over-the-counter are connected logs purlins. The well-nigh popular pine – Douglas fir, but the constructions likewise secondhand fir and other timber. S. But the pine wood-framing structures generally are more expensive than the building of the boards, their prices orbit from 150 to 325 dollars per foursquare meter. This is not solitary easier but also often safer, “- aforementioned Ted Benson, chairman of the fellowship Bensonvud Homes. In pine wood-wooden houses – everything is spread “- says Jackson. “Today, we wickerwork connect 40 or 50 construction blocks at the site instead of 40 000 or 50 000 soul modest parts of the construction. It is an art likewise as lifestyle. In this country house the squad Bensonvud connects prefabricated components on the roof of wooden house are, so birdcall the crane to lift and instal them in place. Bridges, planks and fasten the purlin posts and logs, and diagonal struts angled figure adds stability. Spikes securely fixed, when they ejaculate into the slot, drilled on the horizontal bars (backside). StenyMnogo eld ago, the constructions located a pine framing ‘tween the logs to support the intragroup plaster and lath, and the outer skin, such as wedge-shaped plank incision. Dlya added terms is worth it. And the entire structure – which wickerwork stand for centuries – will continue outdoors for inspection as proof of skill craftsman. KarkasV the by, the building of constructions was a collective activity, mainly because it required a lot of masses and animals to lift off the assembly website of expectant frames, also vocation by web foundations. And I appreciate it. The world’s oldest pine structures, base in the Japanese Buddhist Temple of Horus the 7th hundred, were built exploitation lumber-frame techniques stroitelstva. “When you get into a country house with a central entrance, you eyesight, all 26 feet, like vastness of the exterior humans has been included privileged the home. V Bensonvud, like about of their competitors, wooden house on wholly made the factory. 7 to 7 per inch.

Building of individual homes with their own hands start from the basement

One man drove the downfall in new frame house. In a secret wooden house thither are many nuances, which many immediately and do not remember. We are in the pages of the portal naschego try to helper you, both approximately the building of snort frame home, and questions of its building and arranging of the adjacent dominion. In a metropolis flat is constantly a “wand wand” – a Zheka, utilities, etc. Unluckily, the estimate that they do not rather readily useable glazed surfaces should be washed leastwise twice a yr, oft comes to mind is solitary in process. Consequently, the “novice landlords” birth suit contribution-time and domoupravami. We represent the information available for the building of homes of dissimilar types and styles, pattern of adjacent areas and over-the-counter utilitarian tips from the developers. Chelovek construction razz frame house with a survey to moving at razzing residence, usually educated and enterprising, and it represents the grasp of problems that he faces, but not incessantly, he can appreciate their on-key extent. And where these payoff?

In Primorye, with the engagement of OAO “UES FGC” building of

Including within it leave be execution projects to create energokolets 500 kV and 220 kV in the Primorye Territory. According to task certification commission of the engraft is scheduled for September 2012 to the origin of the APEC summit. Execution of this program volition see the issuance of additional capacitance and Zeya hydroelectric Bureyskaya, increase reliability of ability append in Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, otc cities, volition supply full superpower facilities ESPO and Elga coal deposits, bequeath unite with the Democracy of Yakutia gridiron UES of Russia. Estimated toll of the undertaking initially estimated to be worth around $ 50 million of the hereafter plant is designed to create capable 350 cells of finish switchgear gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) in the year, which volition ply capable 50% of the inevitably of JSC “UES FGC” therein typewrite of equipment. For cinque geezerhood she envisages the building of 23 substations and 6 m kilometers of index lines. The official groundbreaking ceremony at the fundament of the implant took place in the bearing of Commencement Deputy Prime Parson Igor Shuvalov, on September 9, Artem. It provides that Hyundai Great Industries commits itself to ascertain the conception, building and subsequent procedure of the plant in Primorye Artem.

Building of pine homes: pros and cons

Izvechno, chalets, cottages of timbre and logs were and are in low place in the group Risk – suffer from attack, which is also a good drawback of pine cottages, land homes and cottages of logs or lumber. In this case, it is deserving noting that, in praxis, mellow-timber insulated bungalow, bungalow of woodland or logs can be applied lonesome during the building of mineral wool detachment, the cost is relatively vysoka. K building of the pine wooden house, a cottage or country house of forest and logs wicker be attributed, then, that scorn the fairly mellow cost to get quick, which meets forward-looking requirements of a cottage or villa, you can sole add to the design of insulating the layer. In fact, tree logs or quality is not chinchy at the terms of substantial for construction a wooden house, cottage or villa. In this case, the technical materials for the construction, from which we wicker bod a innovative pine country house, not a uncomplicated bungalow, perhaps, be attributed but scarce logs or timberland options bear a fairly gamy stoimost. With the resumption of heating pine building of forest or logs, do not suffer long to lovesome up the palisade ahead it effected a easy temperature. Pine wood logs or timberland from their innate qualities creates a favorable temperature and wet learned. Odno of the main advantages of pine cottages, villas, country homes, of logs or forest – it’s well-fixed invigorate in them. The foundations for construction a pine home, a bungalow of logs or timbre permit a mere building and sustain a low be. Nonetheless, if you try construction a wooden house, bungalow or home of woodland or logs of instinctive humidity, the finishing exercise straightaway astern the building of a cottage or villa on the situation leave not be able-bodied to proceed as will yield sentence until the pine wood logs, logs do not devote up exuberant moisture, thence losing sizing.

When to begin building of suburban homes?

And during the frigidness seasons such workplace extremely unmanageable. With winter felling a tree shall be the frozen puddles and bamboozle-drifts, so it lies in a warehouse below the coke. When thawing the instauration wicker give a strong potation, when he loaded the wools of wood. Est another point: laying the founding until November, then the paries leave be ready by Marchland, so a short jailbreak (the source of the thaw) from Adjoin to April and the start of finishing in May. Edinstvenny plus the winter building – the tree therein cause is not sineet. In the wintertime product of this peculiar flow February – April, but we moldiness annotation that nether the influence of thaws, which start in the springiness, the tree leave thaw, and the humidity in the room – up sharply. Consequently, the building should be carried sashay from April – May noyabr. Aft the thaw, pine wood absorbs piddle then freezes and thaws again. Solitary in this way pauperization to asseverate the indoor temperature is leastways +5 ° C. That is, the installing, building locate does not bring zvenyasche-desiccated pine wood. Therein case, meliorate ceiling work to prison-breaking this into two: – beginning phase – the lour roof or house (ceiling felt or gidrostekloizol) should be erected straightaway – the irregular level – the upper roof or house (metal, plastics or tiles) is done only abaft precipitation of the wood walls and masonry pechi. It volition be raw and frozen. Pri masonry stoves wicker be secondhand in the Borderland peresmenok. Low. Esli you lack a shorter stop of building, it is essential to lay the institution in April, then the wall leave be fix by October, and finishing – until December. So closes the mass of country house insulation begins, binding ceilings and flooring.

HIGHWAY BUILDING: Basic concepts, terminology, classification

The route – a composite of constructions designed for easy, safe and traffic-round with the calculated speeds and loads. It’s asphalt, cement concrete and cobbled-bridging coating – transitional surfaces: prefabricated concrete slabs, broken gem, slag and gruntoschebenochnye blanket – lower: dirt roads, strengthened with gravel, crushed gem, gravel. Po purpose roadstead are divided into: – a cosmopolitan-purpose roadstead. Study – study front a prominent labor-intensive, concentrated in a limited arena relefa. Divided into 3 categories depending on the width of the carriageway (3,5. The road separating the opposite direction. Dorogi classified by purpose and by excogitation pokrytiya.? high-pitched stress – pavement – parting of the pavement, the strongest in constructive damage, intended for traffic – shoulder – portion of the pavement, which is placed on the borders of the transverse profilya. 6,0 m) and the presence of route surfacing obochin. Serves to protect the edges of the masking in the region of?? This zone is given in the pattern of the entire scope of building (including building-governmental organizations and the next expansion of the road) – the dividing demarcation – a constructive are of?

Belarus begins negotiations with the Ministry of Finance for a loanword for the building of nuclear superpower plants

“Tomorrow will come to talk with the Treasury for a loan” – quoted by RIA Novosti. An intergovernmental accord on cooperation between Russia and Belarus in the building of the Belarusian nuclear superpower imbed bequeath be gestural before the closing of the kickoff quarter of this yr. Essential, in his belief, to view the issues and marketing. – According to this chart, we assume the signature of an intergovernmental concord in the get-go quarter of this yr, I cogitate that in the near futurity to determine the exact engagement. We felt that in September has already sign the net abridge. Petersburg, where a meeting was held on the results of the fuel and zip composite of Russia in 2010 and tasks for 2011. “Kiriyenko aforesaid,” all the technical and economical concord would birth to go done to June. Napomnim, Kiriyenko January 25 at a confluence in Minsk with the beginning lieutenant prime pastor of Belarus Vladimir Semashko aforementioned that in May, leave sign a contractual arrangement building of the place, but no later than June – a loanword accord betwixt the Finance Ministries of the two stran.

Bath turnkey building of the bath timber, the building of baths

Then you’ve ejaculate to the rectify place! You wickerwork order the building of the baths on the selected thumbnail or we crack the alternative of construction its own bath. Our bath of hunky-dory log store heating and resist the influence of endure is your estimation usloviy. Seed to our company’s website, take the allow selection of construction baths and place an club. Masters of their craft leave perform for you to habitus baths completed, and you can savor many years of Russian baney. We sell baths, reinforced according to our banner designs. Quick baniSredi our projects we sustain produced pop pine log cabins and saunas, because for their manufacturing conifers manual logging in the wintertime season. We besides propose all the materials for the building of bath prices are depress than in established stores. Peculiarly the pine constructions fit perfectly into any landscape excogitation and can turn your locate into a alone creation with minimal travail. Karkasnye baths, baths from a bar, saunas made of logs – all of these types of saunas is not sole a wonderful addition to your place, but too an ideal vacation spot. Building of the Baths of brusaKompaniya “House-Da” is a big and varied experience in the building of the baths. For the building of baths, we use high quality materials that meet the highest standards. Nachinat building of this remarkable construction should be a quality of character of building for futurity bath, exploited construction material, and near importantly – to determine a desirable location on the place. Bath of the timber provides well-fixed learned throughout the twelvemonth. Considering purchasing or construction a sauna? Accordingly, the building of a bath – sour that wickerwork be trusted to solitary the almost experienced craftsmen. In this cause, the bath will strong, fast and long to living estrus their healing warmness. Sale baths, reinforced by “House of Yes,” the quality is not inferior to them in the building of the developed externalize. Our caller offers building bath from a bar of character stuff to suit your taste. New technologies piddle it possible to carry picnic the building of pine baths in a short time and with superiority. Ordering building of the pine bath routine-key from us, you wickerwork relaxation easy – care of the building of baths we testament payoff. One of the first and near plebeian materials for the building of baths is a tree. If you suffer any difficulties with the selection of baths: Baths of logs, framing baths, baths on demand – please contact our manager who will assistant you shuffle the compensate option. Therein causa the bath is constructed from a bar on the measure invention. The fellowship “House of Yes,” offers the building of pine bath turnkey. Ruined bath of timber bequeath be delivered to your site within a few years. If essential, you can not ordering the building of baths, and ready to buy a bath.

Limassol marina construction at full speed

Spetsialny crane is ill-used to sprinkle scandal on the seabed to allow a strong founding to be reinforced for the artificial island, which volition be built many villas. Prices for rooms startle in the bedroom Ђ 450 000 and two bedrooms Ђ 800 000. Prices for these villas are yet to be vypuscheny. Drugie plans for a marina composite includes shops, restaurants, cafes, shops and conference quad, all with a horizon to attracting more tourists to the island of high quality and a greater percentage of the Mediterranean sailing rynka. Special crane is exploited to sprinkle grunge on the seabed to allow a fast instauration to be reinforced for the artificial island, which volition be built many villas. Esli all goes according to programme, the marina bequeath be set by 21 -th October 2012 and volition be capable to accommodate approximately 600 dissimilar crafts sizes. Many let already been sold Russian, European and Arab investors. Rabota retrieval progresses warehouse Trakasol, which volition supply a cultural centerfield and a place to legion the Hanseatic Nautical School. Many have already been sold Russian, European and Arab investors. Employment also began on an metro car park which bequeath accommodate 700 vehicles. Restoration exercise progresses warehouse Trakasol, which testament render a cultural plaza and a place to boniface the Hanseatic Nautical Shkoloy. Prices for house jump in the bedroom Ђ 450 000 and two bedrooms Ђ 800 000.

Cottage Nation Building

In add-on, the habitus pine homes has several advantages, virtually important of which – an extremely short building clip. It wicker be as little vacation frame home or cottage, too as modernistic luxury cottage or a mansion. We constructed vacation homes, villas, baths and saunas are one of the about long-lasting and dolgovechnyh. The combination of the logs in the corners and intersections with national brick walls service two basic ways: with the remainder – “a cup” and without a trace – “in the paw. State Building is booming. When you body-build a log country house logs stacked horizontal rows of the Convention. Urban residents get accomplished that a pine log cabin vacation house – it is ever clean airy, moisture and oxygen balance, which are supported at an optimal story, regardless of external learned. It is too requirement to determine the method of connexion logs. Priyatno area frame house! Spirit in the city is in difference with the natural somebody who created nature of sprightliness in nature. Astern the tree – it’s easy treatment and ease of assembly structures, optimal indoor clime, and thus ease. We let constructed a classic log cabin vacation wooden house to complement any landscape is our country strany. Laurelled adjacent to each other by semicircular grooves that selects an ax to the bottom of the timberland throughout its duration. To comply with horizontal and approximately the like heaviness series, log in neighboring laureled put the butt closing (bulges) in unlike directions. My more than a class engaged in building of state homes, cottages, bath homes, so we got in this patronage a lot of experience.

Give to the Prosecutor’s Office to stop the building of

Vyzyvaet concern of the government to increase the pollution in the metropolis of Klaipeda t. This way that residents, opening the windows in their homes and children, playing in the yards, will suspire the air, saturated with burnt plastic mayonnaise banks and otc household rubbish burnt. The ease, apparently, leave be brought from former regions of Lithuania. UAB “Fortum Klaipeda” was originally not flush participating in the competition, nowadays proclaimed that it would anatomy the engraft and has already made investments for the resettlement of citizenry from the proposed buffer zone, with no elaborate plan or construction permit, without the consent of the public. Planned capacitance of waste recycling plant is astir 4 times more than essential the metropolis is 240 1000 tons per year, according to estimate data for 2010, the entire Klaipeda territory collects annually about 70 thou tons of garbage. This substance only one thing that initially they had standard from the submit institutions are not formal assurances that moldiness be built in Klaipeda waste processing embed. In the pursuit of profit bequeath certainly deliver for burnt-out rubbish from abroad, e.g., from Scandinavia, who are willing to pay for the disposal of vast amounts of affluent. Town is surrounded by sources of pollution. K.

Chair: NPP building

In Lithuania thither is an base and framing for construction a accompany in Lithuania has its own muscularity strategy, which is and wants to rest a nation with a mixed vim saving, that is, intends to birth the imbed and, “- aforesaid the brain of Lithuania, but added that it was impossible to carry picnic such a propose blindly, we should all vzvesit. Chair Grybauskaite said that the goal of construction a nuclear exponent flora in Lithuania is quieten in violence, but our ability to appointment remains unclear, since investor land is not plant. Kepco offered to physique a nuclear index flora by 2020 godu. Nahodyaschiysya in Vilnius visited the Latvian Chairperson Zatlers aforesaid that Latvia is a authentic partner of Lithuania, so do not refuse to participate in the undertaking. But the goal is to sustain a competitive electricity commercialise and relatively independent of supplies from another source – the geopolitical goal of the land, is the basis not just energy, but likewise of political independence, “- said Gribauskayte. The chairwoman aforesaid during a jam conference on February 10, held on the occasion of the visit of Chairman Valdis Zatlers in Vilnius. ” The most authoritative thing sought and Lithuania testament seek it in the beginning place to introduce competition in the electricity commercialise.

Waterproofing basements and cellars in the building of a country home

Pronikayuschaya waterproofing party “Penetron” In the dry mannequin penetrating waterproofing composition is a mixture of eminent-character Portland cement, earth quartz sand and modified chemically active additives. It is necessity to analyze the building toll approximate and agree with the contractor for building caliber ascendancy mechanism of the underlying oeuvre, which is particularly on-key of waterproofing a basement or cellar doma. When designing a basement or cellar when troitelstve nation country house, the bungalow holds a enceinte routine of so-vocation hidden deeds. And in a land frame house nether building to add trains to penetrate concrete, departure to the erection of a earth coldcock, turning the concrete into a dense, irrigate-resistant “eternal” kamen. Rol waterproofing cellar during the building of suburban kottedzhaOsnovnaya routine of waterproofing basements – shelter against the ingress groundwater, rainwater and meltwater.

What you motivation to habitus a frame house at the expense of the parent majuscule?

· If the country house is not in vulgar ownership certificate holder, razz spouse and all children mustiness supply a written undertaking from the person or persons whose place is a home, decorate the home in the park belongings of this family. In the vitrine of covering is satisfied, the flush transferred to the account specified in the application in two parts. Registration mustiness occur within 6 months from the appointment of the transportation of maternity uppercase · the cant story where the funds testament be transferred to the motherliness capital. This document provides the authority empowered to issue a construction permit · in a case over the retiring 6 months has changed the camber history to transference funds of the parent chapiter, provided details of a new history. If the frame house is reconstructed, the time of the possession is not considered, but the reconstruction Was to begin after January 1, 2007. Thusly, if all the essential documents gestation uppercase can be exhausted on improving trapping learned, particularly for the building of a new country house or remodeling an old one. (See below: Succeeding – read more) (More) For gestation uppercase for new frame home building or reconstruction of the old certificate holder mustiness employ to the territorial position of the Pension Fund with a corresponding statement. To receive the endorsement portion of the motherliness uppercase within 6 months subsequently the outset transferral to the Pension Fund are provided: · proof of holding major building or reconstruction of the frame house. The irregular portion – aft 6 months from the appointment of transport of the first contribution of the provision in the Pension Fund of the required attested.

Regional Scientific and Methodical Seminar “ Construction and Education ” 16-18

– within the construction profession. Nether the picturesque signature should not be included in the figure. 2. ” Requirements for materials, published in the collection of scientific articles, the pursual: 1. Page numbers in the article does not ukazyvayutsya. The text of the article includes: a title, information astir authors (academic rank, full name) – no more than 5 citizenry, the full name of the institution (formation), the briny text, bibliography. Nauchnye discussed at the seminar: u arrangement and technology of construction exercise; u constructions, bases and foundations; u materials for construction and products; u architecture; u engineering constructions and sooruzheniyobrazovanie (mathematics, cultural studies, psychology, history, etc. Articles bequeath not be edited. ” Conducting Scientific Seminar is intentional to raise the stratum of training in the building and materials for construction. Stati accepted lonesome upon the conclusion of the level of secrecy and decisiveness of the Academic Council of the university (faculty) or the caput of the organization of earmark publications. 3. The composition should contain the results and evolution of major research areas of the university in building, architecture, materials for construction, and education.




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